How it Works

For several years I have been bothered by the realization that people are least likely to have access to legal representation while being detained by law enforcement officials, a time when some of their most basic civil rights can be violated. But most people either do not know their legal rights well enough to assert them or feel comfortable asserting them on their own behalf. Now you can call and receive legal representation in real time while being detained, as illustrated in the video. 

Copstopped is a division of the 501(c)(3) organization You Are a Force Foundation, a California not-for-profit corporation established with the goal of empowering individuals to exercise their rights and freedoms as human beings and providing equal access to resources essential to guarantee individual rights. Copstopped provides pro bono legal services to California residents over the phone during a police or other law enforcement detention to inform and enforce your rights. See terms and conditions. 

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